The Journal of Management and Business Research is a refereed, quarterly journal that serves the need for the Management field and Business Research while bridging theoretical and applied Business systems research that benefits both academics and Management professionals. The intention of the journal is to help the local and global business communities to efficiently exploit Business research towards efficient Management and the creation of business value. The journal welcomes all types of theoretical and applied research studies in Management and Business that add value to entreprise owners, customers, developers, and evaluators. That is, efficient business management, applied studies in Management science, entreprise resource planning, business process reengineering, and business decision support are particularly sought.

All manuscripts in relevant areas of Management, Technology, and Business are also considered if they bear implications for the creation of business value through efficient Management and decision support. The audience of the Journal is members of the local and global business communities, researchers, students, and industrial practitioners in relation to information science.

One copy of the manuscript should be sent by email to the Editor-in-Chief Dr. A. Sraiheen at

All manuscripts should be in MS Word, leaving 1” margins on all sides. Please single space all materials, including footnotes and references. Number pages consecutively with the first page containing the title, the authors, the affiliations, a short abstract (between 150 and 300 words), and 5 to 10 key words.

It is important that your abstract and key words are as most informative as possible since they are used in identifying appropriate reviewers for your manuscript.

The first page of the manuscript should include the statement “This manuscript has not been submitted elsewhere in identical or similar form, nor will it be during the first 6 months after its submission to the Journal of Management and Business Research.”

Only clear reproductions of artwork should be submitted. Authors should keep original artwork until the manuscript is accepted. All figures should be in a form suitable for reproduction.

Each figure and table must be mentioned in the text and numbered consecutively using Arabic numbers in the order of appearance in the text. For the initial submission of the manuscript, the figures and tables should be integrated into the text as much as possible, rather than being inserted at the end of the manuscript.

References should be inserted, for books, journals, articles in proceedings, technical reports, etc. Below are some examples:

Journal Articles
[1] J. Pfeffer and J. Cohen, Determinants of Internal Labor Markets in Organizations, Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 550-572, 1984.

Conference Proceedings
[2] S.P. Bingulac, “On the Compatibility of Adaptive Controllers,” Proc. Fourth Ann. Allerton Conf. Circuits and Systems Theory, pp. 8-16, 1994.
[3] J. MacQueen, ”Some Methods for Classification Analysis of Multivariate Observations,” Proc. Fifth Berkeley Symp. Math. Statistics and Probability, pp. 281-297, 1967.

Book and Book Sections
[4] M. Hitt, R. Ireland, and R. Hoskisson, Strategic management competitiveness & globalization. New York, NY: South-Western College Publishing Company, 1998.
[5] W.-K. Chen, Linear Networks and Systems. Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth, pp. 123-135, 1993.
[6] J.S. Bridle, “Probabilistic Interpretation of Feedforward Classification Network Outputs, with Relationships to Statistical Pattern Recognition,” Neurocomputing—Algorithms, Architectures and Applications, F. Fogelman-Soulie and J. Herault, eds., NATO ASI Series F68, Berlin: Springer-Verlag, pp. 227-236, 1989.
[7] A.G. Locket, R. Ahmed and C. Turner, Managing System Change Requests in the Development of a Large and Complex DSS, In: P. Gray (ed), Decision Support and Executive Information Systems, Prentice hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, pp. 158-172, 1994. Unpublished Manuscript & Pending Publications
[8] K. Elissa, “An Overview of Decision Theory," unpublished.
[9] R. Nicole, "The Last Word on Decision Theory," J. Computer Vision, submitted for publication. (Pending publication)

Articles found on the Internet
[10] H. Poor, “A Hypertext History of Multiuser Dimensions,” MUD History, mud-history.html. Dec 12, 1986.

Personal Communication
[11] C. J. Kaufman, Rocky Mountain Research Laboratories, Boulder, Colo., personal communication, 1929. (Personal communication)

Thesis or Dissertation
[12] E. Collar, “Programming Code Readability Based on a Cognitive Readability Model: Volume I: Manuscript,” PhD dissertation, Leeds School of Business, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO, 2005.

Technical Report with Report Number
[13] E.E. Reber, R.L. Michell, and C.J. Carter, “Oxygen Absorption in the Earth’s Atmosphere,” Technical Report TR-0200 (420-46)-3, Aerospace Corp., Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 1988.

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright owners if they use an illustration, table, or lengthy quotes from material published elsewhere. The authors should write to both the publisher and the author of material they are seeking to reproduce.

Copyright © by The American Institute of Technology and Business Research (AITBR). The copyright will be established in the name of AITBR.

The first author gets a free copy after paying the journal page charge. Each co-author will receive a copy of the Journal issue containing the published article at a cost of $36.

Further information may be obtained by emailing the the Editor-In-Chief Dr. A. Sraiheen at <>.

Manuscripts submitted to The Journal of Management and Business Research must be original work that has not been submitted anywhere else. For any information you borrowed from copyrighted material, the author is responsible for obtaining the appropriate permissions before the paper is submitted to the journal. Any author's own previously copyrighted work included in the submitted paper must be disclosed at the time of submission and an explicit reference to the prior publication must be included in the submitted manuscript. It is our policy that 50% of the submitted paper should consist of new material, with new insights, and new results.

Author's institutions or corporations are requested to honor a page charge of $75 per printed page or part thereof, to help defray the cost of publication. Page charges apply to all contributions. Payment of page charges is not a condition of paper acceptance. If institutions do not pay, then authors are required to pay the reduced page charge as follows:

1. the amount of $23.75 per page.
2. the amount of $36 for every co-author.

The page charge is needed to cover part of the journal printing and management. There are no exceptions to page charge, starting September 1, 2011. No paper will be published before the page charge is satisfied.