The Journal of Mananagement and Business Research
ISSN 2162-8963


Vol 2 No 2 April 2012
Letter of the Editor-In-Chief    
Eco-Friendly IT: Greener Approach to IT
pp 4-24
Rushabh Shah
Possibilistic Group Support System For Pricing And Inventory Problems
pp 25-36
Emna Boumediene, Lotfi Boumediene, Bel G Raggad
Saudi Arabia’s Economic Diversification: A Case Study in Entrepreneurship
pp 37-41
Kimanthi Ali Thompson, Dalal Thair Al-Aujan, Roaa AL-Nazha, Sara Al Lwaimy, and Sumayah Al-Shehab
How to Effectively Manage IT Project Risks
Bradley Sean Susser, Pace University, NY
Efficiency and Productivity Analysis of Tunisian Banks
During a Recent Deregulation Period
pp 68-82
Raéf Bahrini, Institute of High Commercial Studies of Sousse, Tunisi

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