The Journal of Mananagement and Business Research
ISSN 2162-8963


Vol 2 No 1 January 2012
Effectiveness of Celebrity Voice-Overs in Advertising Recall
pp 6-20
Daniel Winzent, Phillip H. Wilson, Chris Shao, and Grace Zhang
Embedded Systems Attacks Classification: A DARPA Inspired Taxonomy
pp 21-30
Abderrazak Jemai, Issam Hamrouni, and Chaker Katar
Building Loyalty by Enhancing CRM Specificity
pp 31-43
Manel Mastouri, Mehrez Chaher, and Bel G Raggad
Doing Business Under The Sarbanes-Oxley Act And IT Compliance
pp 44-70
Roy Girasa, and Emna Boumediene
Global Supply Chain Management, the Middle East & Culture
pp 71-75
Kimanthi Ali Thompson